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Worx WG517 Review – (4-Level Variable Speed Control)


Worx WG517 ReviewMost electric blowers will be high power rigs that are specifically made for commercial use by contractors. With their power, it becomes possible to accomplish any kind of task that is set before them.

However, these big machines will not be ideal for residential use. This is because they are too heavy and cumbersome. For this reason, manufacturers are working hard through development and innovation with the aim of producing lighter but powerful tools. These tools fit the single everyday user, whether they are elderly, young or even disabled.

Worx, a renowned company in this field, have been able to come up with their flagship-the WG517 Electric Blower. This 6.2-pound blower has an ergonomic design, is sturdy and at the same time allows for flexibility in the usage.

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This article focuses on the features, pros, and cons of this device.
Here is a brief overview of our top-rated cordless leaf blower’s best features and what might be considered drawbacks for some users:

Features and Pros

  • Powerful Performance-

    The WG517 is equipped with the turbine fan technology which allows it to perform powerfully.
    In this, the device is powered by a 7.5 amp which ensures that your tasks are completed on time. This consequently saves on time and energy which can be used in the performance of other tasks.
    Besides, this device also boats of having a high air volume that has been rated to be 450CFM. The speed, on the other hand, has been rated to be up to 112 mph.

    Considering that this device only weighs 6.2 pounds, it shows that it is bound to give you a unique performance and over a long period of time. It is ideal to note that many products in this range will have motors that are between 4 and 12 amps.

    Here, 4 denotes the weakest device while 12 denotes the best performer that is capable of blowing even the wet leaves. This shows that with this device, you are getting a performer that will be the envy of many.

  • Ergonomic Design-

    Worx WG517 FeaturesWorx was keen on the design of this device. The fact that it is lightweight ensures that it can be operated with one hand. Besides, it gives you a stylish posture as you perfume your tasks.

    Worx also made use of a 4-speed level variable speed control that consists of a trigger and a lock.
    This gives the ultimate control to the user as they are able to set a fixed calibration with the lock that they can use for the entire cleaning exercise.

    The trigger, on the other hand, ensures that you are able to move around and select the desired power level. There is also a hyper stream air nozzle which transmits direct airflow to edges and corners. A cord retainer was also included, and it prevents tangling, ensuring that you go about your business hustle free.

  • Easy to start and run-

    Worx have included a detailed manual that guides the user on how to set up and operate this machine. You are therefore sure to start your tasks as soon as you get this device. Also, you will not incur extra costs in hiring experts in the setting of this device.

  • Durability-

    Worx made use of durable material in the making of this device. This is the ABS plastic which ensures that the device is able to last for a long time. IT is also ETL listed, CSA listed and UL listed which means that it has passed all the quality certifications.

    Worx also includes a 3-year limited warranty on this device. This is quite thoughtful considering that there are others in this range that have shorter warranties.
    Worx WG517 Electric Blower is a powerful tool that is worth all the praise. It makes use of the unique turbine fan technology which makes it compelling. It also operates at high speed and high volumes of air (112mph and 450 CFM).

    The manufacturer also added to its power by including a speed control in its design. This contributes to its flexibility and consequently comfortability for the user. It is also lightweight leaf blower and has a 3-year warranty which makes it your ideal tool.

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The device has a few cons. These include:

  • Lack of Strap-

    Numerous users have reported that due to its power, the Worx WG517 is particularly tricky to handle at high speeds. This is attributed to its robust nature. The lack of a strap makes it difficult for some of the users to use it at these levels. However, with a little technique and details from the manual, it is easy to master this device and achieve your own comfortable posture.

  • Noise-

    This device has a sound level of 81dBA when at high speed. This is quite high and will not be ideal for areas such as hospitals and learning institutions without prior arrangements. Besides, the standard noise level is rated to be at 60dBA. In this, it is recommended that you use protective gear while operating this tool. It is also critical to note that with its performance, you will not need much time hence the noise will be for a short period.

It is clear that WG517 is an efficient tool that will deliver in terms of quality and performance. If you are a beginner or a professional in this field, this is a must-have battery powered leaf blower.

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