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Worx Turbine Fusion WG510 Review – (Dual-Stage Metal Impeller)


Worx-Turbine Fusion WG510 ReviewIn the current world that is categorized by huge technological advancements, landscapers, as well as homeowners, want powerful tools that do various tasks.
While there are various tools that are specifically meant to do certain tasks, coming up with a single tool that combines the functionality of 3 units has been the task of many manufacturers. To the consumers, this would bring a sigh of relief from an economic point of view.

Worx, a major player in this industry, had this in mind with their Turbine Fusion leaf Blower, mulcher and vacuum.

This 9.3-pound unit is a powerful blower that will ensure that you take care of your lawn, yard or even garden in no time.

The features, pros, and cons of the device will be highlighted in this article.

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Features and Pros

Worx was able to include numerous features into this device which makes it unique. These include:

  • Ergonomic Design and Ease of Use-

    The Turbine Fusion blower measures 40″L x 13″W x 10″H. Besides, and it has a weight of 9.3 lb. This weight is evenly distributed all over the body, and this makes this device easy to handle. You can comfortably carry it for longer periods which will ensure that you finish your tasks on time.

    To add to its efficiency, Worx included an all in one patented single-tube system. This has a blower, mulcher, and a yard vacuum. This way, you are able to pile up your leaves and debris with the blower, suck the using the vacuum and finally mulch them. It is easy to switch between these three modes.

    What is more unique is the fact that this device has the ability to switch automatically. When it does not have a bag attached to it, it automatically falls into the blowing mode. When the bag is attached, the device detects it and switches to the vacuum mode. The manufacturer also included a leaf collection bag and a shoulder strap. These contribute to the comfortability of the user. For instance, with the strap-on, you can carry on your tasks even in hilly terrains.Worx Turbine Fusion Features

  • Powerful-

    Worx made use of the unique jet engine technology in the making of this device rendering it powerful. It has an air volume of up to 525 CFM and air speeds of up to 60 mph. With the turbine fan technology, this combination is powerful and ensures that your areas are cleaned well and on time.

    The 3 in one functionality ensures that corners and areas such as flowerbeds get cleaned through the use if the vacuum. Adding to this power, Worx made use of a dual-stage metal impeller. This has the ability to shred leaves and any other small to middle debris with a ratio of 24:1. It also functions with a power of 12 amps which makes it an effective tool.

    Speed control is also included in this device. The speed control consists of a trigger as well as a lock. These give control to the user as they are able to set this device to suit their needs. There are times when you will be having light chores as well as heavy-duty tasks. With speed control, it becomes easy to adapt the device to various tasks.

  • Durability-

    With its tool-free design, this device is able to last for long. Worx made use of quality products in the assembly of this tool. Besides, this product comes with a 3-year warranty. As compared to competitors in this industry, this is quite high. You should also ensure that you carefully read the manual that comes with this device.
    From the above, it shows that the Turbine Fusion Leaf Corded Blower is a powerful device which will ensure that your tasks are completed efficiently. It has a 3 in one functionality which makes it stand out from the competition. However, it has a few cons that are described below.


  • High Noise Level-

    This device has a sound power of 81.2dBA. This is quite high as compared to the recommended standard level of 60dBA. Also, it is quite high considering that it is an electric blower. You cannot, therefore, use this device in noise restricted areas such as hospitals. It would be wise to consult before using this device in such areas. It is extremely important to use protective gear. Moreover, since the performance of this device is above average, you will only use it for lesser periods hence the noise will not last for long.

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It is evident that the Worx turbine fusion is an ideal device with respect to performance, cost, and quality. It has numerous features that make it desirable. These include an ergonomic design and an innovative jet engine technology which makes it stand out from the competition. It is a perfect tool for both commercial and residential uses.

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