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Toro 51621 Review – (Variable-Speed (up to 250 mph))


Toro 51621 ReviewIn the current age where technological advancements and innovation are on the increase, manufacturers are seeking to provide their consumers with multipurpose tools that create value. In this, consumers seek to possess tools that are cost-effective, perform ideally and are long-lasting. This is the mindset that Toro had when they made their Ultra Plus corded electric Leaf Blower.

This device has unique capabilities in that it has three functional properties in one. The 45″W x 14″H x 9″ D device functions as a leaf shredder, blower, and vacuum. As such, it will be your ideal tool in fall when leaves are numerous, and you do not have an idea of what to do with them. This article focuses on the unique features of this device from Toro, the consequent pros and finally the cons.

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Features and Pros

The Toro 51621 Ultra plus has numerous features which make it a beast in its field. These features will include:

  • Ergonomic Design and Flexibility

    The Ultra plus leaf blower has a weight of 8.9lbs. This is quite light as compared to other devices in the market. Besides, Toro distributed the weight of this device evenly. You are therefore able to carry it around for long periods ensuring that your tasks are completed on time. Also, the fact that Toro was able to combine the different functionalities of this device into one shows that this company is dedicated to innovation and development to ensure their consumers get the best.
    Adding to its flexibility, the device is able to perform the tasks of a fully equipped vacuum. It also has a concentrator nozzle whose role is to direct the vacuum pressure.

    It also comes with a vacuum tube, cord storage hook that adds to your convenience and finally a zip bag to facilitate easy carriage. This bag has an adjustable strap which aids in the carriage of the debris. There is also a cord lock system as well as an extension cord storage hook. These help in keeping the cord in place while in operation or in storage.Toro 51621 Features

  • Performance

    This 12 A Ultra plus leaf blower with bag provides the consumer with exemplary performance. In this, it has a maximum air volume of 350 CFM while operating in the blow mode. While in the vacuum mode, the device operates at a volume of 410 CFM. The nozzle velocity, on the other hand, supports this device’s power as it is rated at 250mph.

    The manufacturer was keen to include an oscillating nozzle whose role is to swipe the air to and fro hence increasing the blowing path. In turn, this helps to decrease the pressure on the user’s wrist.

    Additionally, Toro also featured a speed control that is depicted by a trigger and a lock. This helps to boost the performance of the device as you have the ultimate control of setting a constant speed which helps you achieve uniformity in your lawn, garden or even yard.

    There are also multiple tubes that have unique uses in this device. Toro states that the main tube has the functionality of moving debris away from your abode or shrubs. The power insert, on the other hand, moves this debris into rows and then creates piles. Finally, the concentrator has the role of removing debris out of cracks, or even flowers.

  • Metal Impeller

    Numerous mulching leaf vacuums will have impellers that are made from impact resistant nylon or plastic. Impellers are the fan-like parts in the main body of leaf vacuums that chop leaves/debris. As such, with the nylon impellers, devices will not last long as they are prone to impact from stones, twigs or other hard objects which might be sucked.
    However, Toro had this in mind and included a metal impeller. This impeller will be resistant to damage and hence will save largely on the maintenance costs.

  • Efficient Mulching

    While in the vacuum mode, the Toro 51621 will suck leaves and then shred them into mulch. Toro states that the volume of the of the leaves sucked will be reduced by up to 97%. However, this depends on the condition and type of material that is being vacuumed. It is therefore ideal for those that may want to form compost heaps.

    From the above features, it is evident that the Toro 51621 Ultra Plus Leaf Blower Vacuum has numerous positive features which then translate to its benefits. You are sure to perform all your tasks effectively-be it blowing, shredding or even vacuum cleaning. Besides, Toro includes a 2-year warranty on this device.

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  • Noise

    This device has a sound level of 68 dBA. This is slightly above the 60 standard marks. As such, it is advisable that you use protective gear while operating this device. In addition, it would be ideal to avoid noise restricted areas.

It is clear that this device has numerous pros that overshadow the cons. It is, therefore, an economical, unique tool that will effectively serve all your needs. If you want a reliable model blower, Toro 51621 Series blower is one you should highly consider among all high-quality corded leaf blower for sure.

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