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Makita XBU02PT1 Review – (Extreme Protection Technology)

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Makita XBU02PT1 ReviewWhen you must handle yard work, from blowing leaves to even lightly dusting the snow off your car, an efficient blower can make your work easy. There are different types of blowers that can work for your yard. If you do not mind being restricted and if most of the job is near an electrical outlet, a corded blower may be an option for you. A gas-powered blower would be the best option if you are a professional and constantly need to clear leaves and other debris. A very popular leaf blower for many homeowners and non-professionals would be a cordless blower. The Makita Cordless Blower Kit comes with four 5.0 AH batteries and a dual charger.

As a brand, Makita creates tools that are not only efficient, but it is user-friendly. The Makita Cordless Blower Kit is easy to assemble and even at 20 lbs., it is maneuverable. This blower is perfect for clearing sidewalks of light snow. With the flexibility in having no cord, this blower would be an alternative to gas-powered blowers. With no mess from mixing fuel and oil plus zero emissions, the Makita blower is the best option due to its power and ease of use.

The Makita Cordless Blower Kit has:

  • Averages 28 minutes of run time
  • Provides 120 mph air velocity
  • Has up to 473 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air volume
  • 6-speed control trigger

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Here is a brief overview of our high-quality cordless leaf blower‘s best features and what might be considered drawbacks for some users:


  • Run time

    Makita XBU02PT1 FeaturesUsing a cordless blower allows you to cover more area than if you used a corded blower. The concern tends to be if the blower lasts long enough to complete the job. With the Makita Cordless Blower, it runs just under 30 minutes, when the batteries are fully charged and set at mid-speed. The long run time can also be contributed to the motor being non-brushless. The non-brushless motor makes for a powerful blower allowing it to reach a 120-mph velocity along with 473 CFM air volume. The Makita blower kit does include two additional back up batteries. You would be able to extend your run time if these are used as a quick back up, which will give you close to an hour of continuous use. This, in combination with fully charged batteries, is said to give up to 50% longer run time than many other branded non-brushless blowers.

  • Low Maintenance

    Using a cordless, battery-powered blower is great for the homeowner that does not have a heavy daily need for using. When you use a gas-powered blower, there is always a hassle (and sometimes even a mess) due to having to constantly mix gas or oil. Being battery powered eliminates this entire step allowing you to just start the blower and go. A Makita brand special gives the user protection with their extreme protection technology. Exclusive to the Makita Cordless Blower, the xpt, also known as the extreme protection technology, is a seal meant to protect the internal components from water and dust. To be more efficient and have a longer run time, there are no carbon brushes in this Makita cordless blower. This means there is no worry to have to constantly ensure the upkeep of brushes like in other blowers.


  • Battery Life

    While this blower uses two batteries simultaneously, it still runs the battery quicker than many would like. If used on the highest speed control setting, the blower may run 15 to 20 minutes before needing to be recharged or replaced. The way to get the most from your battery would be to operate it on a mid to low setting. With its 6-speed trigger settings, keeping the blower set to about a 3 or 4 will allow you to have a longer use time, around 30 minutes or so. This blower is not necessarily for professional-grade use; however, it is strong enough to handle most jobs around the yard.

    There are some features that are missing from this blower that would make it more user-friendly. Even though this blower is heavier than other comparable blowers, there is no shoulder strap within this kit. Having to haul this 20 lbs. blower around the yard can be exhausting on any user. Purchasing a shoulder strap will be highly suggested to really have optimum use. In addition, a tip to help guide or focus blower, you can add a flat end nozzle.

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Wrap Up

The Makita Cordless Blower kit comes ready to tackle all the jobs around your home. Whether you are planning to only use to clear your sidewalk of leaves every autumn or if you can always find a reason to use this blower, its convenience and power is worth it. The long run time of this blower due to the battery charge being measured by volts and amps; unlike some other brands only measuring by battery temperature.

Only measuring by the battery temp ultimately shortens the battery life in the cordless blower. The dual 18-volt charger port normally takes about 45 minutes to charge your back up batteries. The Makita blower is quiet and normally does not require ear protection when in use. The additional sponge inside of the blower absorbs the noise. The three-blade fan is not only a feature that keeps the air volume and velocity, but it helps in reducing the noise level of the blower to an impressing 60.2 dB(A) rating.

This battery-powered blower performs like a gas blower with its dual 18-volt LXT batteries. With its smart systems such as the xpt feature plus the 6-speed control trigger, it is easy for beginners to use. The 20 lbs. cordless blower may be heavier due to having two batteries, it is quiet and can be easily handled for the duration of the batteries’ life. With zero-emission, going with a battery powered blower leaves your air clean encouraging you to use for longer. Makita sets you up to tackle all the jobs around your yard with its 4 batteries plus dual charger. With easy to use triggers and a brushless motor, the blower is powerful and ready to use right out of the package.

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