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Husqvarna 130BT Review – (Low Vibration Technology)


Husqvarna 130BT ReviewMost consumers in the blowers’ industry will be looking for a compact yet productive machine that will last for long. At the same time, backpack blowers should be cost-effective as not many will be willing to have a hefty budget that is specifically for a blower.

The market for handheld blowers that are more flexible is steadily growing. In this, Husqvarna has come up with a device that is able to fully serve the needs of the small to middle size lawn owners. This is with the Husqvarna 130 BT 2-cycle backpack leaf blower that has an ergonomic design, performs optimally and reduces emission. The 69.5 x 17 x 15 inches’ device proves to be a tool worth purchasing.

This article looks into the features, pros, and cons of this machine. Make sure to also check out our backpack leaf blowers buying guide.

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Features and Pros

This device has numerous features as stated below:

  • Ergonomic Design-

    Husqvarna has equipped this device with numerous features that, make it stand out from the competition. For instance, the 130BT has a rubber handle which improves the grip of the user. This gives the user more control and comfort which lead to an increased rate of productivity. The device has additionally been fitted with a padded backpack. The back harness has adjustments which increase the comfortability and the Low Vib tech make sure that minimal stress is exerted on the users’ arms and hands.

    Moreover, the manufacturer has included a two-stroke engine. As such, they have the X-Torq technology which is specifically designed to reduce emissions. The fuel efficiency is increased by up to 20 %. The engine also has a cylinder displacement of 29.5cm3 and a 1.13 horsepower. This powers this device, and it ensures that it accomplishes all the tasks on time.

  • Powerful-

    Husqvarna 130BT FeaturesDue to its complex yet unique engine, this device is able to perform heavy tasks. You are sure to blow small to medium debris at your lawn, yard or even small garden with the Husqvarna 130BT. With its power comes flexibility as it is handheld. You are therefore able to swing it comfortably as you work. It has a weight of 15 pounds, hence you can carry it for long without getting tired.

    Besides, the cruise control that Husqvarna made available in this device facilitates easier control by the user. In this, there is a variable speed throttle that can be set by the user at any specific calibration. Overall, it facilitates easier task completion and uniformity. The critical airflow has been rated at 374 CFM as well as an airspeed of 160mph. These are ideal, especially when dealing with medium debris.

  • Air Purge-

    The air purge feature in this device facilitates air removal which then helps with starting. With this, you are assured that your device will start up on time without any issues. Most blowers have been associated with the starting problem, and this comes as a relief to users.

    It is evident that the 130 BT has numerous features that make it ideal for any type of user. It will give you good performance that is facilitated by the powerful engine as well as modifications such as the air purge.
    These are advantages that make it stand out from the competition. The manufacturer also included a two-year warranty. Here, you are eligible for an extension of 1-2 years if you buy this company’s fuel at the time purchasing the blower. However, it has a few cons that are illustrated below.


  • Commercial Use-

    This device has been designed only for the small to medium tasks. It will therefore not be ideal for commercial use.

  • Noise-

    The sound power of this device has been rated as 91 dBA. This is quite high since the standard level is around 60dBA. You will, therefore, experience some noise while using this device. This is especially in areas with noise restrictions. However, considering that you will not be blowing on a daily basis, this device is a good option.

  • Fixed operation-

    This device is for the right-hand operations only. This leaves out users that are left-handed and may wish to purchase it. The manufacturer should take note of this. To tackle this if you are left-handed, you could easily use readily available workers to blow your lawn, garden or yard occasionally.

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It is clear that the Husqvarna 130BT blower will meet all your small to medium tasks. This is a powerful tool from a powerful brand. It has numerous pros that make it the better choice. These include the ability to give the user a unique level of flexibility and comfort, power as well as environmental sustainability. However, it has cons that include a high noise and the fixed nature of the operation. Overall, it is a good device that is worth your money.


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