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Husqvarna 125B Review – (Cruise Control Functionality)


Husqvarna 125B ReviewIt is ideal to note gas-powered blowers are stereotyped with being heavy and dirty. This is a quality that many consumers hate and manufacturers have been engaging in lots of innovative activities for improvement. This is because gas-powered devices are powerful and are sure to complete heavy tasks.

Husqvarna, a renowned manufacturer in this industry, has come up with the 125B handheld gas blower that brings power, quality, and simplicity in design in one unit. This 38 x 16 x 8 inches and 9.4-pound device is a relief for both the professionals and beginners who want power in their tasks. This article focuses on the features, pros & cons of the Husqvarna 125B handheld blower.

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Features and Pros

Husqvarna had the creation of value for the consumer exhibited in this device. This is shown by:

  • Powerful-

    This device is powered and guarantees to complete your tasks on time. It has a high air volume and velocity. As such, it has an air volume of 425 CFM and a speed of up to 170mph. This 28cc 2-Cycle Engine is efficient as it will blow away small to medium debris with ease. Husqvarna also included the cruise control functionality. With this, you are granted the full control as you can set a specific speed. This is also essential for cleaning up corners and tight areas such as flower beds.

  • Ergonomic Design and Flexibility-

    This device weighs 9.4 pounds. This is quite light, and it ensures that you carry it for longer and hence covering more ground. You can comfortably hold it in your hand as you clean your lawn, yard or even garden. The manufacturer was keen on the design and included an inline fan housing. This is specially designed to allow a complementary role between the airstream and the handle. It also contributes to the comfortability of the product to the user. They also ensured that the length of the blowing tube is adjustable which optimizes its performance.
    The device also has an automatic return stop switch. This ensures that the device is automatically reset to the ON position for quick starting. This functionality facilitates easy starting with the least efforts from the user.

  • Durability-

    The manufacturer has included a 2-year warranty on the device. Besides, there is a detailed manual that ensures that you set up the device in the right way. This way, it is bound to last for long.
    From the above, it is evident that the 125B handheld leaf blower has numerous positive features. It has a powerful 28cc 2-cycle engine that is combined with a unique air volume of 425 CFM. Besides, the fact that it can blow up to 170 mph adds to its power. It also has a lightweight which facilitates to its comfortability to the user. It is handheld and will ensure that you cover more ground. Husqvarna invested a lot in the design and of this tool, and it looks desirable.

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Husqvarna 125B Pros ConsHowever, several users have reported a few cons which are discussed in the next section:


  • Noise-

    This product has a lot of noise and is not ideal for use in areas that are noise restricted. It has been rated to have a sound output level of up to 92 dBA when in full use. This is quite high as compared to the standard level of 60 dBA. Moreover, most gas-powered devices have been identified as not being environmentally friendly due to their emissions. You are therefore advised to use protective gear as you operate this device. It would also be ideal to have prior arrangements in the noise restricted areas. However, since you are guaranteed of the performance, this device will not make the noise for a long time. Besides, you are not to use it on a daily basis.

  • No shoulder strap-

    This device lacks a shoulder strap. As such, it might be at times challenging to hold for long periods. However, this can be dealt with efficiently by improvising. You can simply fit a strap onto this device, and this increases comfortability while in use. Husqvarna included tow nooses where you can attach this strap.

  • Fuel Mixing-

    Since this is a gas powered device, it will come with the disadvantage of mixing fuel as well as other basic maintenance practices. However, these are standard and should not give you any much issue especially after you bread the user manual. For instance, the manufacturer advises a ratio of 50:1 while mixing gas and oil. Besides, a non-ethanol high octane gas is recommended. Alternatively, you can go for the premixed fuels that are readily available online and in stores. On the maintenance, it is recommended that you clean the filters and adding stabilizers to fuel in the case of storage of the device.


It is clear that the Husqvarna 125B handheld leaf blower is a powerful tool that will get your tasks done in no time. The manufacturer was keen on the design of the product and included several features that increase its flexibility as well as comfortability. It, however, comes with a few cons that are expected form the gas-powered devices. These can be dealt with sustainably. It’s one of the most popular leaf blowers around. Although this blower may not have the strong name associated with it as some other well-known gas-powered leaf blower brands, you definitely do not want to overlook this model as you are shopping for a new leaf blower. Make sure to get this powerful device in your next purchase.

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