Husqvarna 125B Review – (Cruise Control Functionality)

Husqvarna 125B

Overview It is ideal to note gas-powered blowers are stereotyped with being heavy and dirty. This is a quality that many consumers hate and manufacturers have been engaging in lots of innovative activities for improvement. This is because gas-powered devices are powerful and are sure to complete heavy tasks. Husqvarna, a renowned manufacturer in this … Read more

Hitachi RB24EAP Review – (170 MPH, Commercial Grade)

Hitachi RB24EAP Commercial

Overview A handheld leaf blower is ideal in that it is more comfortable and flexible than backpacks. In this, many consumers have increased their interests in the handheld blowers as they have the ability to reach flower beds, lawns, and even yards. Companies have realized this, and with the advancements in innovation and development, better tools … Read more