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Echo PB-755ST Review – (Automotive-Style Air Filter)


Echo PB-755ST ReviewIn recent times, factors such as globalization and advancements in technology have transformed various industries.
The blowers’ industry has not been left behind, and manufacturers are working round the clock to ensure that their consumers are served with the latest innovative tools that in turn make the lives of the consumers simpler. Such include Echo, a renowned name that has maintained a rigid reputation in the market.

Echo has been able to combine simplicity with quality and performance in the making of the PB-755 ST. While many consumers in this niche are complaining of poor products in terms of performance, design and even capabilities, the Echo PB-755ST is unique. This 21.2 x 20.3 x 15.3 inches’ device will be focused on in this article with the pros and cons being highlighted.

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Features and Pros

  • Simplicity in Design-

    This professional backpack blower weighs 30 pounds which is ideal to carry around for long periods. It measures 21.2 x 20.3 x 15.3 inches which leave it compact and also desirable to the eye.
    Moreover, Echo included a padded backrest which is quite a unique form the competition.
    There are also shoulder straps which boost the comfortability of the user. It, therefore, means that with its weight coupled with the lightweight and straps, a user can operate for a long time without fatigue creeping in.

    It translates to more productivity and time saving as well. There also was the inclusion of an automotive-style air filter which facilitates the filtration process in the device.
    The setting up of this device is also easy as the manufacturer has included a detailed manual. You are hence able to set it up and go in a short period of time.

  • Power-

    This backpack blower has a 63.3 cc unique two-stroke engine which boosts the performance. It also comes with a flexible tube which is specifically meant to make the device adapt to the cold seasons. Echo also included a tube-mounted throttle that has cruise control. This gives you ultimate control of this machine. You are also able to blow all the debris at your yard or lawn as this machine sports a speed of 233 miles per hour (651 CMF). This is quite fast, and you are sure to save lots of time.

    This device uses gas which cements its capabilities. Gas-powered machines are deemed the best when it comes to performance, and the deal gets even better when the machine is from Echo. The unique thing is that the manufacturer ensured that the oil level is visible at all times by using a see-through tank. You are therefore able to prepare yourself forehand. The oil tanks have a capacity of 68.3 Oz which means that you when at the full mark, the device is able to last long.

    From the above features, it is evident that the Echo PB-755ST is a device that will offer you superior performance at all times. This saves you time and energy that are directed to other tasks. In addition, high-powered backpack leaf blowers like Echo PB-755ST can help to control grass fires.

    This device has a simple yet compact design which improves the comfortability of the user. Moreover, it has a powerful engine as well as other adaptive features such as the straps which make it ideal for you. It’s durability and the good price tag is what makes it to the list of the best-rated leaf blowers of this year. However, it has a few cons that are discussed in the next section.

Echo PB-755ST Features


  • Expensive-

    Echo had the professional user in the design of this product. Due to this, they have invested a lot in the product which translates to a high price as compared to the competitors. While the device is perfect for any user, its price could be too high for the average user. However, since you are assured of its superior performance, it would be an ideal one-time investment.

  • Noise-

    This device has been rated to have a sound power of 74 dBA. This is quite high when it is compared to the standard level of 60 dBA. As such, it will not be ideal to use this device in noise restricted areas such as hospitals or even institutions. However, most gas-powered devices are noisy, and hence the 755ST should not be victimized.

  • Lack of a Waist Strap-

    Even though Echo included a padded backpack as well as strong straps, the device lacks a waist strap. This is a strap that comes in handy in areas that are steep. It allows for extra comfort and control for the user. However, you could easily improvise or leave the device as it is.

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Wrap Up:

The above therefore indicates that the Echo PB-755ST is a unique tool that is coupled with exquisite features that translate to its superior performance. With this device, you are guaranteed quality. This is backed up by a 5-year consumer warranty and a 2-year commercial warranty from Echo. This shows that the company is keen on the satisfaction of its clientele.

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