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DEWALT DWBL700 Review – (Contractor-Grade Performance)


DEWALT DWBL700 ReviewMost consumers will be looking for an electric blower that will serve both indoors and outdoors. However, it is ideal to note that many manufacturers have only paid attention to outdoor blowers. They have diversified their efforts in the revision of gas-powered, electric powered and even battery powered blowers.

As such, DeWalt has come up with a unique blower that is able to operate in different environments. This renowned manufacturer has come up with the DeWalt DWBL electric blower.

This blower brings with it unmatched power as it operates at 12 amps. Also, it has an ergonomic design and a top wind speed. It is able to complete the various tasks with ease hence saving you lots of time and energy.

The purpose of this piece is to expound more on the feature, pros, and cons of this unique device from DeWalt.

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Features and Pros

The DeWalt 700 electric blower has the following features:

  • Powerful Performance

    This blower has been built for both the beginner and the professional blowers. In this, DeWalt included a standard round nozzle which is able to power debris at 409 CFM of air volume. Besides, the speed of the device has been rated to be 145 MPH. With this combination, the 700 electric blower is able to offer a dominant performance, making you finish your tasks on time.

    The manufacturer was also able to include a flat concentrator nozzle which in turn raises the speed or air in the device to 189MPH. This is specifically meant to deal with the larger, stubborn debris both indoors and outdoors.
    Measuring 17 x 17 x 11 inches, this device operates at 12 amps. It is, therefore, an ideal option for those seeking to purchase a blower for the first time or those who want to upgrade. What is better is that with its performance, you are assured that your interiors, as well as exteriors, will be taken care of.

  • Ergonomic Design and Comfortability

    The DWBL electric corded blower measures 9.8 pounds. This is ideal as it is quite lightweight. As such, you will be able to operate it easily and for long. The manufacturer picked electric power over the others so as to boost the power requirements of the consumers.

    It also saves you the hustle of mixing, handling cans and been combustibles. With these properties, it is also an ideal option for the contractors who have traditionally shunned away gas-powered devices.
    In addition, DeWalt was able to include a 1 inch round concentrator nozzle whose purpose is to blow out concrete anchor holes and crevices. This brings flexibility as you are able to leave all your surfaces clean.

    Speed Control

    To add to the comfortability of this device, DeWalt included a speed control. This consist of a speed trigger and a speed lock. With this, the user is granted full control as they are able to play around with the trigger to achieve the best performance.

    The speed lock allows you to lock a specific setting and use it for the entire cleaning. It, therefore, shows that this device provides for flexibility and consequently comfort for the clients. It is also easy to start and operate this device as DeWalt included a ready trigger.

DEWALT DWBL700 FeaturesFrom the above, it would be ideal to note that the DeWalt DWBL is a powerful tool that possesses great features. Consequently, it has led to its pros and with this device, you are sure to clean up your extensive yards, lawns, and even gardens. Additionally, DeWalt included a 3-year limited Factory warranty.

There is also a 30-day satisfaction guaranteed. Backed up by this manufacturer’s professional quality, this device is bound to last for long hence serving you effectively. However, this device will have some cons. These are discussed in the next section.


  • Loud Noise

    Although the DWBL blower makes use of electricity for its power, it is critical to note that it is a loud device. It has a noise rating of 69 dBA which is above the standard level of 60dBA. As such, you are advised not to use this tool in noise sensitive areas such as health and educational institutions without prior arrangements.
    Besides, you are obliged to use protective gear such as ear muffs while operating this device. This is because due to its power, you are bound to use the device for longer periods, hence affecting your hearing senses.

  • Cord

    The device makes use of a cord which is not ideal especially in outdoor cleaning. In this, you are at liberty of using either the 14 or 16-gauge extension cords that do not exceed 50 feet. It means that in places where power is not available, this device cannot be used.

    You are also limited to the radius that you can operate on. Besides, you have to be careful so as not to short the device or reduce its effectiveness with numerous extension cords. However, considering that this is stated by the manufacturer and that it is a powerful device, you can comfortably do with it.

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The DeWalt electric blower is a unique device that is worth your money. It has numerous pros in that it can be used for both personal and commercial purposes. It will, therefore, end up saving your time and energy while doing your tasks.

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