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BLACK+DECKER BV6000 Review – (50% Less Noise)


BLACK DECKER BV6000 ReviewRecent years in the blowers’ industry have seen great transformations with regards to the tools that manufacturers churn out. This has been facilitated by development and innovation in the sector. It has seen the rise of the electric, battery as well as gas-powered blowers.

On the other hand, manufacturers such as Black+Decker have even moved a notch higher with the BV6000 high-performance and quiet blower. Due to the numerous needs that consumers have, this manufacturer has been able to create an integrated blower, mulcher and vacuum into one device. This 9.88 x 20.75 x 15.62 inches is a good performer that ensures that you save significantly on costs, energy and time. It is also environmentally friendly in that it has zero emissions.

The features, pros, and cons of this device will be covered extensively in this article.

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Features and Pros

The BV6000 from Black+decker possesses numerous features that in turn lead to the advantages to the consumer. These include:

  • Incredible Performance

    This 12-amp device will handle both small and considerable tasks in your lawn, yard or garden with much ease. It is a 3 in one blower, making it stand out from the competition. The BV6000 is powerful in the sense that it has two fixed speed selections. In this, you can comfortably use the 180 mph or the 250 mph speed. The former can be used in operations such as cleaning the flower beds. On the other hand, the 250 mph is used to clear up heavy debris.

    Besides, Black+Decker states that this device (As a mulcher) is able to grind up to 16 bags that have mulch into one leading to the 16:1 ratio. In this, this manufacturer has included a high impact fan which is able to prevent clogging during the mulching effectively. As opposed to numerous electric corded blowers in the market that have strong nylon or plastic material, this device sports a metal fan making it durable.

  • Ergonomic Design and Flexibility

    BLACK DECKER BV6000 FeaturesThe BV6000 weighs 8.1 lb which is considered to be quite light. This weight is also distributed evenly on the device’s body, making it ideal for carrying over long periods. This property combined with its power makes this device the best of its kind. In the design, Black+Decker included a bag as well as two other disposable ones.

    You have the liberty of making additional purchases of the disposable bags if you feel like they are more convenient than the standard bag. The disposable bags are readily available online and in stores that have Black+Decker lawn equipment. A pivoting action turbo nozzle was also included, and its function is to loosen the debris and leaves for a faster work rate.
    In addition, the device has a built-in cord retainer. The role of the cord retainer is to keep the extension in place and at the same plugged in leading to an uninterrupted use.

    On the flexibility, the manufacturer included a shoulder strap which aids in holding the device in place. Also included is a rubber grip that helps to resist slipping. It is therefore clear that this tool gives maximum comfort to the user.

  • Ease of Use

    The device is easy to start and use. The manufacturer included a detailed manual that will help you with that. Besides, it is easy to switch between one functionality to another. You can therefore comfortably use this device both indoors and outdoors.

    The BV6000 is therefore full of features that make it desirable to the consumer. It will ensure that you comfortably accomplish your tasks. It is lightweight, performs above optimal levels, and it is multipurpose. Besides, Black+Decker has a 2-year limited factory warranty. Satisfaction is also guaranteed to the user, hence the 30-day return policy.


However, there are a few cons that are explained below:

  • Noise Reduction

    The BV6000 has a sound level of 68dBA. While this is slightly above 60dBA (the standard level), the manufacturer states that this device’s noise is reduced by approximately 50% and will be ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Weighing more on this, you could comfortably use protective gear as you go on with your various tasks.

  • Quality of the bags

    Some users have advanced concerns over the quality of the bag that is attached to the device. They state that the material can easily tear r even shred. However, this is easy to deal with as there are readily disposable bags that the manufacturer offers. These are better in that you will not end up pouring debris or dust as you use the bags only once.

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With Black+Decker being a common name in this industry for many years, this device has an exceptional quality that ensures the device lasts long. This among many other advantages make this device the best option for the professional as well as the beginner users. It has a few cons that have been highlighted. These, however, can be dealt with sustainably.

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